Lock Replacement

The service life of the locks will not lasts forever, but it must be taken into account that even the highest quality and safest doors will ever need to be replaced. Replacement of the lock may be necessary due to wear and tear or time, as sometimes the locks are replaced even when more secure, modern and reliable locks appear on the market.

Also, changing the lock is very often necessary due to mechanical damage, for example, if it has suffered from rust, has a rust, or it closes and closes with effort. These small damages can be very serious – they can cause the door to jam or become unsafe. If you notice that the lock no longer works as well as it used to, be sure to contact our lock experts specialists and consider replacing the lock.

Sometimes the replacement of the lock can be delayed by regular maintenance and lubrication of the lock, but manufacturers such as Moturra, ASSA, Securemme, , etc. are making safer improvements to the lock systems, so we recommend considering changing the lock every few years to keep the lock in good condition and meet the latest security requirements and be difficult to break.

Thieves, like any professionals, regularly learn and learn how to break more and more different locks, so changing locks to more modern and upgrade to higher security level will increase the chance that unwanted guests will not know how to break them. In addition to security, when changing the lock, you can also install various security features, such as decorative lock covers that hide from thieves, what make and type of lock is used for the door. Without knowing the manufacturer and construction of the lock, it is much more difficult for a thief to figure out a way to unlock it.

Our locks have a two-year warranty, during which we take full care and responsibility for their quality and condition. It means peace and security for at least two years. Most locks still work perfectly afterwards, but each lock develops natural wear over time, which reduces its security. Therefore, even if after two years it seems that the lock is still in order, we also recommend timely maintenance and call in knowledgeable technicians to help determine whether the lock still meets all security requirements or needs to be replaced.

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