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We have been locksmithing all kinds of doors, cars and safes for 30 years.

Experience allows us to open lock systems of any security level

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+371 26577725

If you need help with any problems with any locks, just write us a message on Whatsapp.


Send us pictures with faulty locks or any other problem, if you do not know exactly what to send you can always call us to 26577725 and ask for any help.


You will send you the exact costs within a few minutes.

Please respect our time, in case of false call - 60 EURO PENALTY. Additional information by phone.

We also install locks

Replacement of locks

We will give you free advice which lock system will right one for you, assessing all your needs. The locks systems have up to 7 security levels. We will explain any diference in few easy steps.

Increasing the security level of an existing lock

We can also replace the old lock with a newer much better one. On the other hand, it is much better to install a new lock, choosing the right lock you will increase security of your house.

High-class burglary resistance and high security locks from the most popular manufacturers in the world:


We provide a 24-month warranty for the lock, its internal parts and it’s durability.


In what situations can we help?

If the key is lost

The wallet and all its contents are lost or stolen, so the keys are no longer with you. If the property is inherited. Tenants of an office or house, apartment have lost or not given away the keys.

Lost keys
Worn lock

Just time for a new lock. Both the key and the lock or one of the lock elements may be damaged. As soon as the elements start to crack, engage or open every second time, it's time to buy a new lock or perform maintenance.

Lock picking process
The car door is locked

Fault in the electronics and as a result the central locking system and all the machine doors lock, etc. For example, a child presses the buttons and the car closes and the remote control disappears somewhere in the car cabin and no one can find it and the child is stuck inside the car.

Opening process of the car door
Key sets not returned

The landlords of a commercial or private object have not given up or have lost the keys to the work space or the house or apartment.

House keys

Do you see yourself in any of these situations?

Find out the cost for each case - send us pictures with doors and locks and a small description to open or change and we will give you a solution and a offer in a few minutes 7 days a week and any day of week.

Ask for the help of a team of professionals with 30 years of experience!

Huge 30+ years of experience

For 30 years we are experts in unlocking. We work only with the latest opening technologies! The most modern tools, opening guarantee - 100%.

Answer within minutes

Solution, callback, quotation is almost always provided instantly. In Riga, we can come to you in 30 minutes - 1 hour.

100% opening guarantee result. 0% of dissatisfied customers.

The number of customers whose doors are not open is equal to 0. 100% opening is guaranteed. We open any door and any car. Also any safe.

Door lock
We are available 24/7

Night or day? Rain or snow? We are open and accessible all the time.

Working hours
Reliable and recognized experts

Our masters have been loyal only to our company for 30 years. Experience and precision along with speed are passed from hand to hand. We know what the customer likes. Only fast, certified, friendly and professional masters in our team.

Easy replace or install new locks, doors

After successfully unlocking the door in your property, if you wish, we can replace the old lock with a new one and we can recommend reliable companies that sell new exterior or interior doors. We will also be able to answer any of your questions.

Door handle

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